Terms and Conditions

  1. Date of room hire must be agreed upon with the Events Coordinator before booking.
  2. By confirming a date and paying a deposit you agree to these terms and conditions.
  3. The Waterloo Suite deposit is £200, The Riverside bar deposit is £150, these are non-refundable.
  4. Room hire is for an event where the bar is open and serving alcohol to those over the age of 18. Room hire were the bar is not open and serving will be charged at £500.
  5. Under 18s are allowed, they are to be supervised at all times, both in the venue and outside on the grounds too
  6. Prices for conferencing vary to those stated here.
  7. The later bar option will be charged at £100 and will close at 1am, and guests to vacate for 1:30am.
  8. Events for the Waterloo Suite must be for parties of 70 to 150 guest, room capacity is 150
  9. Events for the Riverside Bar must be for parties of 40 to 150 guests, room capacity is 150
  10. We do not allow the use of the Waterloo Suite for 18th & 21st birthday parties, the use of the Riverside bar may be used for 18th & 21st birthdays but must be agreed with the club committee before the booking can be confirmed. We do not allow the use of any bars for children’s parties.
  11. External catering is allowed but all aspects must be sorted off site as there is no access to a kitchen or any equipment
  12. Whilst every effort is made to safeguard our client’s property, Waterloo Suite will not be held responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused either prior to the beginning of the function or after it is over. Nor can we be held responsible for gifts or decorations that have been delivered to or handed over to a representative of Waterloo Suite
  13. The Client will be responsible for any damage caused to the venue by themselves, a sub-contractor or their guests and shall pay to make good any such loss of damage or loss of business caused as a result.
  14. No balls games are permitted on site by guests.
  15. Bouncy castles must be pre agreed on with the events coordinator, if one is agreed on a suitable adult must supervise any child on the equipment.
  16. Prices are applicable from 1st January for 1 year. A new brochure will be issued from this date and all prices charged will be those for the current year regardless of when the function was booked. All the prices are subject to change without notice 30 days prior to the event unless previously confirmed in writing.
  17. The use of an external DJ or band is allowed but the following must be agreed to and adhered to.
  18. The music provider must show a copy of valid liability insurance to be able to play.
  19. Any issues caused by the music provider are solely the responsibility of the music provider.
  20. They are responsible for making sure their equipment is safe for the public to be around, i.e. no trip hazards, no open wires etc.
  21. They must adhere to or be lower than our sound limits of 90dbs, one warning will be given if the levels exceed this, a second warning will not be given, the power will be cut off.
  22. The set-up times must be agreed with the events coordinator in advance of the date.
  23. It is at the own risk of the provider if they leave their equipment unattended, the Waterloo suite and HRUFC ltd take no responsibility over this equipment.
  24. All equipment must be removed on the evening of the party unless alternative arrangements have been made prior to the date with the events coordinator.
  25. Any equipment left in the venue overnight is at the owner’s risk, the Waterloo suite and HRUFC ltd take no responsibility for this equipment.
  26. The invoice must be settled in full one month prior to the event or function.
  27. Payment for any extras i.e. drinks should be made prior to departure from Waterloo Suite.
  28. Any property left on site will be disposed of after 30 days if not collected.
  29. Cancelation policy available on request.